The 13th Event of Future Manufacturing Technologies was on show in Nivala on 30 May 2018. The program included a seminar and an open door occasion at ELME Studio.

ELME Studio focuses on electrical and mechanical prototype manufacturing and on the day, it was possible to introduce studio operations, devices, and demonstrations. For example, 3D printer for metal parts and a rally car composed of durable, but light materials were on view. Other companies and organizations in the field, as NIHAK, Technology Park of Nivala, Migatronic A/S, Crelea Oy, Celermec Oy, NTcab Oy, RST-Steel Oy, and Jokiedu Oy participated the event.

At the seminar, in turn, were informed about various themes, projects, and techniques in the field of manufacturing metal, for example Nokia’s view on metal manufacturing. Additionally, FMT research group, invited experts, and representatives of companies presented their latest views and research results at the event.

The future manufacturing technologies FMT is a research group at Kerttu Saalasti Institute at Oulu University.  The group is specialized in researching and developing manufacturing technologies of durable steels. The research group participates many research projects involved in manufacturing durable metal, and improving cost efficiency together with local actors.

Elisa Kujala

NIHAK, Information Officer

+358 46 920 8009


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