Sales is a friendly King when everything rolls fine and brutal dictator if doesn`t. So, for companies’ sake, let make it work. That`s why we build Sales is King -project.
This project has its rationale on the findings of an earlier feasibility study called “Feasibility study on development of productional activities in Oulu South region (TUTOES)” (

NIHAK (Nivala-Haapajärvi Sub-region business development agency) offers various business development services and has yearly approx. 600 large-scale development discussions with the enterprises in the region. An urgent need for development of sales know-how has emerged in the meetings between the business development officers and the enterprises. This project is also supported by the latest SME barometer saying that 54 % of all the enterprises in Northern Ostrobothnia has a need for development in sales and marketing.

In Sales is a King -project, the training activities will inspire the enterprises to develop their sales, to renew the view of the customers, especially to understand that sales is cultural matter of the whole company. Commercial know-how and understanding of sales are developed in cooperation with the participating enterprises as well as with educational and development organizations so that they will better meet the requirements of the fast changing operational environment. The project parties will be provided with new knowledge and expertise through development activities to meet the needs of both domestic and international trade. Thus, this project enhances enthusiasm and willingness to grow among the enterprises. In addition, cooperation and networking between organizations will be sustained and enhanced to strengthen the regional competitiveness.

The implementation period of the project is 03/2018 – 12/2020.
The main goal of this project is to create a positive impulse on sales development in enterprise, business development organization and education institution level.

This impulse leads to:
1. A new kind of cooperation between the actors mentioned above.
2. Investing in business and marketing is growing through recruitment, intellectual and material investment.
3. Teaching of educational institutions is developing to meet better the needs of businesses with regard to commercial know-how. This will lead to better employment for students.

Timo Liimatainen
Project Manager
Sales is a King -project

+35844 4457001

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