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LaserComp Oy expands its business in Nivala

Nivala Technology Park Ltd and LaserComp Ltd have undersigned a contract on building new premises. The new industrial building will measure approx. 3000 m2, and the office and social premises approx. 350 m2. LaserComp Oy is established in Nivala in 2001, and it is specialized on laser-cutting, plasma- and flame-cutting, folding and welding assemblies. The…
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Cluster for Arctic concrete and construction work

In northern Norway, a concrete cluster has been established that focuses on concrete and construction work in the Arctic climate (temperature colder  than 5 degrees celsius.) The group consists of 32 companies covering the entire value chain in concrete work. The purpose of the cluster project is to utilize  new technology and new methods that…
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IUC Norrbotten extends its business area

IUC Norrbotten extends its business area to both Norrbotten and Västerbotten. The company name is changed to IUC Norr (earlier IUC Norrbotten). At the Annual General Meeting in June, decisions were made to offer more companies, municipalities and organizations to become a partner in IUC Norr. The purpose of the new issue is to create…
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Two completely new activities launched at The European workshop on Micro-Entrepreneurship in Paris in September 2017

University of Oulu, KSI MicroENTRE researchers Matti Muhos, Anna-Mari Simunaniemi, Kai Hänninen and Martti Saarela launched ‘The European Workshop on Micro-Entrepreneurship – Micro-Entrepreneurship: New research avenues and collaboration’ and ‘The Mini Track on Micro-entrepreneurship’ in collaboration with ACPI at the 12th  European Conference On Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2017 (ECIE 2017) in Paris In September. A…
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Information overload or opportunity? – what is big data?

An earlier blog post highlighted previous examples of businesses underestimating the rate and impact of technological developments. The ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) and Big Data are terms that are increasingly mentioned in connection with business development. Are these of universal relevance?, or matters that chiefly concern larger, more complex companies?. We expect that the developments…
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