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Mutual Interest in Co-operation between Industry and SMEs

Process-SME project has three main goals: help SMEs to develop their business models, enhance co-operation between SMEs and industry, and prepare European projects to help industry and SMEs to develop and grow. For each of the goals were set rational, but demanding goals in the beginning. In the project, there should be 80 participating SMEs…
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Plan the closing when starting new – and the authorities will love you

  When establishing or expanding business you must plan the right data management strategy right from the start to support your business, and the digital tools to execute it. Lack of this strategy harms your business and to be blunt, sucks. For example, when establishing a mine, you must already consider how in its time…
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Opportunities and challenges of advanced services in the large industry enterprises

Companies must continuously improve their productivity and increase their competitiveness in the domestic, Nordic and global markets. Customer satisfaction and market share are being improved in many different ways and with new solutions, without forgetting the resources and competitiveness of SME companies. Nowadays, some of the SMEs, which manufacture products, have shifted their business model…
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Norwegian government has established a Digital21 steering committee

In light of the high level of interest in increasing digitalisation in the business sector the Norwegian government has established a steering committee that will give the business sector advice and recommendations regarding digitalisation. The committee has 13 members, from a broad range of businesses, from inventers and heavy industry to the service sector. The…
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