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Series of joint workshops between large and SMEs opened in Finland

The first Finnish Process-SME workshop between large and SMEs was held in Oulu, Finland on 13th of December 2017. The target audience was enterprises in the mining industry. Subsequent workshops in the fields of forest and steel industries will be held at the beginning and during the year 2018. At the event specialists from Outokumpu…
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Servitization and financial challenges of SMEs

The impact of services has increased during the 20th century in many fields of industries. Many large industrial companies, which earlier provided services around their products, now produce products as parts of services produced in multiform value chains. Also SMEs have adopted similar servitization business models bit by bit. However, do SMEs have similar possibilities…
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Interesting meeting of a Network for maintenance engineering in Northern Norway

Interesting meeting of a Network for maintenance engineering in Northern Norway A representative from the Process SME project participated in a 2-day meeting of the Northern Norwegian Maintenance Network, at Fauske 5-6 September. This network comprises a variety of process industries and suppliers to these industries, with a focus on sharing of experience (rather than…
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An earlier blog post outlined the application of machine learning within the concepts of ‘Big Data’ and the ‘Internet of Things (IoT)’. How can a company get started with the exploration of the possibilities represented by machine learning? Machine learning (ML) is a current business buzzword, located at the top of the ‘Peak of Inflated…
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