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Director University of OuluKerttu Saalasti Institute

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Dr. Ville Isoherranen (D.Sc. (Tech.)) is the Director of international research institute Kerttu Saalasti Institute (KSI), University of Oulu. He has an international and cross-functional industrial management experience from Sales and Marketing, Management Consulting, and Supply Chain Management. His research interests are strategic management, operational excellence and customer-focused enterprises.

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Office manager Europe Direct Nivala-Haapajärvi Subregion Association
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Managing director Nivala-Haapajärvi Subregion Association NIHAK
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Research director University OuluKerttu Saalasti Institute / MicroENTRE
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Project manager ProcessSME, Head of R&D Lapland University of Applied SciencesIndustry and natural resources
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Postdoctoral Researcher, D.Sc. (Tech.), M.Sc. (Tech.), Industrial Management University of OuluKerttu Saalasti Institute, MicroENTRE

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Kyllikki is specialized in competencies enabling business survival in SMEs in changing business environments. Her dissertation ‘Survival competencies in SMEs in changing business environments, (2015) focuses on Finnish and Russian SMEs in a field of forest and metal industries, or related industries.

Kyllikki’s former jobs have been related to research and training, as well as supervising, planning and consulting in fields of energy and HPAC technologies. Kyllikki is also experienced in entrepreneurship acting as a part-time professional worker in a field of tourism since 2001. Doctor of Science (Tech) and Master of Science (Tech) are completed in major of Industrial Management. Bachelor of Science (Tech.) in Mechanical Engineering, specialized in Energy and HPAC technology.

Kyllikki’s articles and further information can be found at LinkedIN. (

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Development manager Technology Park in Nivala
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