There are some beautiful things taking shape in the town of Pyhäjärvi, Finland. Located in the one of the deepest known places in Europe, in the depth of Pyhäsalmi mine, a new business operation environment called Callio has started. It offers one of fewest underground research facilities in the whole world. An underground operation of Pyhäsalmi mine in Northern Ostro-Bothnia is estimated to get closed at the end of 2019. Callio has a huge potential to transform the area into a cutting-edge centre for commercial and scientific use.

The depth of mine Pyhäjärvi is 1445 meters. The access to facilities on the main underground level takes only 3 minutes by an elevator, and you can use the decline access tunnel to go to different levels. Journey by a car to main level is 11 km and takes about 30 minutes. The decline access provides a quick and a safe way to transport heavy and/or large objects and bulk materials to the Callio laboratories.

Going down into the underground facilities blows up your mind - this is Callio, a network of spacious tunnels, rooms with a modern LED lights, cosy social and dining areas, huge parking lots and even a sauna stretches out before you.

“We are very much customer centric and business minded”, says Sakari Nokela, the program director of the Callio. “Above ground is the town of Pyhäjärvi and the pure water of Lake Pyhäjärvi. Surrounded by forests and nature, it’s a beautiful place to visit. “Over the past 60 years, the mine has been in full operation and expected to be closed in end of 2019, and our job now is to build the second life of the Pyhäsalmi mine” Sakari continues.

One long term innovative business has already set up a host of scientific physics experiments, another growing special plants free from pests and diseases, and third a craft beer company from the region is producing hops deep underground for its tipples. The Underground Greenhouse research and pilot facilities have established offering a unique platform to produce, optimize the production and the commercialization of different kinds of plants and parts of them.

Callio is one of only a few underground research facilities in the world. There is a huge potential and transform it into a cutting-edge centre for commercial and scientific use,” says Sakari Nokela.

There’s even a potential for testing future mining technology in underground proving grounds, improving the energy systems efficiency with a pumped hydro energy storage, or for a location of the cyber secure underground data center. Next winter we will see an international TV drama shoot scenes for its latest series in Callio’s underground premises.

Callio facilities are very well situated at the intersection of highway E75 and Road 27. The subterranean facility offers exceptional sea, rail and air links, including Oulu Airport a mere hour and a half away. There are all together five airports within two hours’ drive, with the mentioned international airport of Oulu being second most serviced in Finland. This enables heavy and large components and bulk materials can be easily railed to the site. Exploration of the bedrock has revealed the opportunity to create additional space easily if needed by customers.

Are you establishing a technology testing business, energy storage or data center investments? Got excited about Callio opportunities or just interested to hear more?

Sakari Nokela
Program director
+358 40 1809511
Ollintie 26, 86800 Pyhäsalmi

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